Worries Management

We understand your worries and concerns as making a mistake in your position could mean wipe out your saving or opportunity to upgrade your real estate options.

We seen cases like this and we do not wish anyone of you to be like them.

One simple Case Study:

It is rare to have HDB with landed lifestyle and it is common for people to pay through their nose for this kind of rare HDB during 2013.

Was it really a pleasure to stay in such landed HDB at a discount price compared to the landed?

What could be a better alternative or better advice?

Years later:

Years later, buyers who pay a high market price for this kind of landed hdb homes have to face reality check:

*Prices did not went up further breaking record above 1M

*Young buyers will most likely outlive the lease of this kind of flat, they need to plan for the next step to upgrade.

*Next Critical milestone: will they have the position to do the upgrade end of the lease?