I m a first time buyer and have no experience with buying property. I don't know what i don't know.

This is a common question. Beside knowing what you can shortlist, a consultant with many years of experience will share with you the market trend and the upcoming trend in the near future.

He will go through your finances, laying down your options for your consideration. Once you set your direction, he will walk you through the process of selecting the right products. Not only the right project, also the right unit that can best position yourself for years to come.

He will explain to you in details over zoom or a cup of tea.

I got a property now and i m thinking of downsizing or upgrading. Should we sell first or buy first?

Every approach will be different subject to market situation. Factors like the property asset class you are holding is downtrend or stagnant or uptrend together with the asset class you looking to purchase is downtrend or stagnant or uptrend.

We need to plan and discuss in details for a calculated move.

We are planning to buy a commercial and a residential property concurrently. Will there be a difference in purchasing which one first?

Yes. There is a difference in purchasing which one first.

We need to go in depth planning with you to make a better informed decision.

I m a foreigner or PR and my husband is getting his Citizenship soon. How should we proceed to position for future growth?

Congrats for progressive planning in property journey. Buying under whose name and planning will make a big difference to your journey.

Do talk to us and We will be able to discuss more in details to plan the purchase plan for you.

What do we expect from the consultation?

We don’t subscribe to a just one particular style or One size fit all solution.

We understand your needs and most important, we will ask constructive questions to understand your family growth together so that we can plan out a long term 5 to 10 years planning for you.

End of the fruitful session, you and I will grow and understand more of your needs vs wants, etc


How To Retrieve CPF Withdrawal Statement For Property

To retrieve your CPF withdrawn statement for property, please click on http://www.cpf.gov.sg/

  1. Click on Login Here

2. Click on My statement


3. Scroll down to Section C & Click on Property


4. Click on My Private Properties Withdrawal Details


5. Click on print and save as PDF file

How to Retrieve CPF Contribution History Statement

To retrieve your CPF contribution, please click on http://www.cpf.gov.sg/

  1. Click on login here with your Singpass

2. Click on My Statement

3. Click on Contribution History up to last 15 months
Select the Period and click on Proceed.


4. Click on save to PDF

How To Retrieve My Property Portfolio

To Retrieve Your My Property Portfolio Page, please click on https://mytax.iras.gov.sg/ESVWeb/default.aspx

1.Select Login for “Personal Tax Matters” with “SingPass” and click on Login

2. Under the Property tab, click on View Property Portfolio


3. Click on View Details



4. Click on Print


How To Retrieve Income Tax Statement

To retrieve your Income Tax, please click on http://www.iras.gov.sg/

  1. Click on Log in to myTax Portal


2. Key in your Singpass ID and password


Click on Notices of assessment (Individual) , it will be download to your computer

How to Retrieve HDB Financial Info Page

To retrieve HDB Page, please click on http://www.hdb.gov.sg

  1. Click on login to My HDB Page

2.Click on login via Singpass


3.Please key in your Singpass


4.Click on My Flat

5.Click on Purchase Flat


6.Click on Financial Info


7.Please print screen the following page or you can right click the mouse and print the following page


HDB Resale Hotline

1800-866 3066
For assistance, please call us at our Sales/Resale Customer Service Line 1800-866 3066, during office hours, Monday to Friday, from 8.00 am to 5.00 pm or e-mail at hdbsales@mailbox.hdb.gov.sg.

IRAS E Stamping


On e-Stamping matters

Helpline: 1800 4604923
Mondays to Fridays: 8 am to 5 pm
Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays : Closed

Email: ESTAMP@iras.gov.sg

Location of IRAS

Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore
55 Newton Road
Revenue House
Singapore 307987
(Opposite Novena MRT Station)


Every lawyer are specialized at different cases and situation like Trust, Decoupling and Legacy planning, etc

Do contact us for a better recommendation.


We worked with the best bankers from every banks and every month there will be different promotional package best suited you.

We will recommend you the best rate at different period with the right banker as well.

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