Do you think property purchase is only about LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION?

Location-based selection is already outdated.

What if I told you that buying a property based on location is the biggest lie, and it is proven that you can incur big losses if you use this method.

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More than often, we are carried away by our emotions in making decisions. It will be a win win situation if we can analyse the whole situation from every angles.

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Different stages of life have different priorities and needs which we tends to overlook.
As the ages go back, our loan tenure and installment amount will limit us which we need to plan forward.

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We draft up a long term 5 to 10 years planning for your consideration.

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Before you put your money in purchasing any real estate, please read this E book carefully.

The golden key to using New Launch Effect to build wealth that has been in custody of the investors to generate consistent, massive, and passive income… is in your hands.

This information is prepared for Prospective Home Owners who hope to clear their housing loan as soon as possible with hopefully with profits!

Before This research, only a minority of seasoned real estate investors knew this formula. I am glad that you came across this information

Secrets reveal on the Key to the Hidden Wealth from Property Investing


Unfair Advantage

As the saying goes, “early birds catch the worms.”
The best time to buy is during launch. Developers typically offer their lowest prices
to entice buyers and to spur sales. This approach helps to create hype.
Over time, as the project sales move, it is normal for developers to increase their
prices to average out the cost and generate higher returns.


Trust the number and data

Don’t just trust it because it’s new. Trust the data you are about to see.
In these 2 charts based on real property prices, see 3 phases:
1. The Launch
2. The Peak (usually happens around the 8th to 12th year)
3. Stagnant Phase (usually from 8th to 12th year onwards)


Singapore as the #1 property Investment prospect

Singapore was not always ranked number 1 for Best Investment Prospects For Property.
Singapore only got the number 1 ranking in 2020
In 2017, Singapore was ranked number 21.


Risk of Real Estate

Prices of new launches begin to become stagnant after some time. This becomes a risk to buyers who bought their unit after the launch phase.


Price Action Plan - Entry price

Your entry price plays a big role in your final ‘Return on Investment’ (ROI). For you to be able to
achieve a high ROI, you will need a low entry price.


Unlocking your Wealth

Do not hoard on your investment property. To generate even more capital gains, buyers must
always re-enter the market after every few years.





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