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How Government Policies can affect the property price and Market – HDB Case Study

2013 Government Intention:

Ever Since Government or Khaw Boon Wan made clear their determination to lower HDB prices in 2013, Government have met their goal.

Khaw Boon Wan share his ideas then to lower HDB prices in 2013:

He plan to void the HDB resale system by make HDB as the only platform to buy back the resale HDB.

Many policies and methods were implemented to bring hdb prices down.

The effect start to kicks in after government start executing the actions to lower HDB Prices.

And the Government still feel the dip is not enough. They continue implementing more policies to make sure the dip on HDB market escalate:

*Three Year Waiting period for PRs to buy resale HDB

*Rules on HDB Loan also tightened

The Prices of HDB was hit for the first time in 2013 whole year:

Can we feel the impact from the government policies from HDB aspect til now?