Decorate Your Patio with a Sustainable Garden

One spectacular way to decorate your patio while adding green-ness is to grow a sustainable garden. A sustainable garden is a garden full of organic plants that you can actually eat. Not only does it make your patio look better, but can be part of a nutritious meal.

Keep in mind that your “garden” can be as simple as just a handful of plants, no more than a couple square foot in space. It could also be much more intricate, with all kinds of herbs and vegetables.

==> Where to Plant Your Garden

There are primarily two ways to plant your garden.

First, you can plant your garden in the soil around your patio. In that case, you’ll want to use plants that grow big, so that their ambiance can influence the look of your patio.

Alternatively, you can choose to plant your plants only in pots. If you choose this route, you can have your plants on your actual patio.

This second method makes it easy to plant all kinds of different plants almost anywhere on your patio.

Ideally, you’ll want to keep your plants somewhere that gets sunlight but can also be protected from the rain. The plants don’t have to be in sunlight all day, they just needs to get some sunlight during the day.

==> Climate Matters

The climate where you live plays a big role in choosing what kinds of plants to grow.

If you’re in a climate that has a lot of rain and winds, then you’ll want to stick with very sturdy plants and vegetables like kale or potatoes.

On the other hand, if you have a calmer climate, you can choose from a wide array of plants, from mint to tomatoes, onions to lettuce.

Figure out what kind of weather you can expect throughout the course of the year and do some research into what plants thrive in that environment.

==> Why Choose Organic?

Try to get organic seeds to grow your plants with. If you can’t find an organic seed, try just extracting the seeds from an organic plant. For example, buy an organic lemon and use the seeds from that lemon.

Organic plants grow faster, bigger and healthier than their genetically altered counterparts. They’re more sustainable, taste better and also look better on your patio.

==> Grow Foods That You’ll Eat

Finally, make sure you grow plants that you’ll actually eat. Mix things up. Perhaps plant some of your favorite fruits, some herbs and some veggies.

Many people find that the food they grow themselves tastes far better than food they buy at the grocery store.

Adding a sustainable garden to your patio will help you go more green while giving you delicious foods to eat and saving you a bit of money.